About Us

Hey there- Julia speaking.
I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my business. I started Reese Ave. Boutique during my final semester of grad school- and although it was hectic, it’s been an amazing journey! 
I've always had a love for design and wanted to create. The Reese Ave. brand is committed to offering high quality pieces that are thoughtfully selected and curated. I want our pieces to be an experience for anyone wearing them! 
Beyond my love for fashion- I am obsessed with animals (dogs in particular, but I really do love them all). My rescue dog, Ziggy, inspired me to connect with a different animal shelter each and every month. Reese Ave. Boutique donates a portion of every purchase to the wonderful missions of animal shelters nationwide. This has been so incredibly rewarding! I've always loved to shop where my purchases made a difference. Especially where they can make some tails wag. 
Reese Ave. Boutique will consistently offer special pieces and every order will make a real difference for animals in need. I look forward to growing a unique brand that the Reese Ave. community can be proud of. 
So shop around, learn more about our shelter partnerships, and have a wonderful time here on Reese Ave!